Aliens (The) - Electronville Vinyl EP

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Release Date Friday 11th December

The Aliens - Electronville EP

Black Vinyl LP - £18.99


Side A:

  1. Doorway Plasma Mellier
  1.   Bobby Computer Rise
  1.   Bbwdylm
  1.   ned track

Side B:

  1. Rising On H Illxfer 3
  1.   Pleiadian Bridge
  1.   Beautiful Face
  1.   Messiaen Elegy


Formed from the ashes of The Beta Band, The Aliens blazed a trail with two critically acclaimed LP's in the mid to late Naughties - hitting the UK official charts as well as Hollywood film & TV - before mysteriously vanishing from the Humanoid star system. 

A decade on they mark their return with the Electronville EP, an album length concept EP (they’re aliens and they’ll do what they want!) driven by the mercurial songwriting of Gordon Anderson AKA Lone Pigeon, former alumni on Domino Recordings. 

Renowned for their genre zapping abilities, The Aliens cross further boundaries with Electronville - psychdelically splicing and probing across Electronica, Dance, Avant Garde and even Classical. Electronville is inspired by The Aliens galaxy hopping during their absence from Earth. A truly extra-terrestrial experience is guaranteed.

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