New Heavy Metal Revue presents (The) - Metal Massacre

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The New Heavy Metal Revue presents - Metal Massacre

Side 1
1.Black & Blue - "Chains Around Heaven"
2.Bitch - "Live For The Whip"
3.Malice - "Captive Of Light"
4.Malice - "Tell The World"
5.Avatar - "Octave"
Side 2
1.Cirith Ungol - "Death Of The Sun"
2.Demon Flight - "Dead Of The Night"
3.Pandemonium - "Fighting Backwards"
4.Malice - "Kick You Down"
5.Metallica - "Hit The Lights"

Includes Fold Out Insert

Marking its 40th anniversary this year, METAL BLADE RECORDS is proud to present its debut release, Metal Massacre, available for the first time since 1984 on limited-edition RUBY RED vinyl.

Originally released on June 14, 1982, Metal Massacre showcased the best of Los Angeles’ unsigned acts of the time such as METALLICA, RATT and MALICE, and has since become a cornerstone of Metal Blade Records.  "The New Heavy Metal Revue" was a fanzine produced by Brian Slagel, the founder of Metal Blade. 

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