Telescopes (The) - Songs About Love And Revolution : Blue Vinyl LP PLUS Bonus Blue 12" *DINKED EXCLUSIVE 087* Pre-Order


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The Telescopes
Songs About Love And Revolution
(Tapete Records)

Release Date Friday 5th February 2021
All pre-orders will be dispatched/made ready for collection on that date.


  • Blue vinyl *
  • Gatefold Sleeve
  • Bonus blue 12” (45rpm) with remixes from Lloyd Cole, Anton Newcombe, Camera, Love-Songs and Third Eye Foundation *
  • Numbered Edition *
  • Limited pressing of 500

Track List

Side A
- This Is Not A Dream
- Strange Waves
- Mesmerised
- Come Bring Your Love
Side B
- This Train
- Songs Of Love And Revolution
- You're Never Alone With Despair
- We See Magic And We Are Neutral, Unnecessary

Side C
- (Come Bring Your Love) Come Drown In Love (Anton Newcombe Remix)
- Strange Waves (Lloyd Cole Remix)
- This Train (Love-Songs Remix)
Side D
- Come Bring Your Love (Camera Remix)
- (Come Bring Your Love) Come Bring Your Magic Waves (Third Eye Foundation Version)


The Telescopes have been described by the British music press as 'more a revolution of the psychethan a revolution of the sidewalk'; a thread consistent throughout a body of work spanning over 30years.  The Telescopes have constantly pushed at their own boundaries to unravel new pathwaysof existence, colouring outside the lines of all expectation to reach beyond the realm of naturalvision.


With a legacy full of eureka moments, intravenously fed through a crack in the cosmic egg, TheTelescopes invoke the kind of altered perceptions that time has shown not only withstand repeatedlistening, but reveal something new whenever one ventures into the depths of their highlyinfluential artistry.


At the core of their being, The Telescopes are an all embracing concern, in every sense, a constantrevolution of the psyche exploding endless spores of sound, carriers of warm transmissions seepedin aural innovation that spiral around ones inner receptors to induce a series of auditory illusionsthat completely immerse the listener in the grip of their own imagination.


The most revolutionary act we can all perform is to stand by our calling, to keep doing what we do,for the reasons we are conceived to do so, no matter what.  Some call it 'The New Weird' but call itwhat you will, it is born of love.  The Telescopes are one of the very few artists that are living proofthat this revolutionary act is possible to evolve and sustain free from artistic corruption.


Songs Of Love And Revolution is a solar burst of trance inducing rhythms gripped at the helm by awall of throbbing bass held in place by a swarm of encirclingguitars.  Lashed to the mast of thiswhirling dervish, incantations abound to dispel what is bound.  This is the 12th album by TheTelescopes, music for a four-piece ensemble that will never sound the same twice in any givenenvironment or to any set of ears.


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