Tide Lines 24/03/23 @ Leeds Irish Centre

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Brudenell Presents...
Tide Lines with support from Quiet Houses 

Friday 24th March 2023
Leeds Irish Centre
Doors 7.30pm
Age Restriction: 14+ with Adult / 16+ without

Taking a self-produced, self-released album into the upper reaches of the charts is a big ask at the best of times - let alone for a band in the middle of lockdown who had established a word-of-mouth following largely on the road. Instead, Tide Lines’ Robert Robertson played a ten-day virtual world tour - a series of livestreams dotted on Google Earth, in front of some internationally themed backdrops designed by keyboardist Ross Wilson. Their DIY improvisation helped to prove that their record, ‘Eye of the Storm’, with no record deal or team around them - could travel the world and fly up the charts as it debuted at #12 on the official UK album chart, narrowly missing the Top 10.

Emboldened by such against-all-odds success, Tide Lines channelled their energies into writing a collection of new songs, the first of which comes with today’s new single ‘Rivers In The Light’. Listen HERE.

‘Rivers In The Light’ shapes Tide Lines as a much bigger proposition. Anchored in their Highlands roots, Tide Lines have evolved to become a modern alt-pop band with universal, international appeal and the anthemic, emotional punch of classic American heartland rock. Robert Robertson’s voice is clear and confident as he delivers stirring lyricism rich with forward-thinking optimism.

He says, “‘Rivers in the Light’ came to me when I was spending time back home in the Highlands during lockdown. The world had been put on pause and I was back in the landscape I’d been brought up in. It was a chance to recharge and reflect so I think that sense of retrospective calmness sort of defines the song.”

Following the success of ‘Eye of the Storm’ - Tide Lines continued to strive forward. They purchased the Baptist church on the Isle of Mull that they had previously rented and customised it to become their full-time rehearsal and recording space. And in the context of the location’s intimacy and solitude, Tide Lines’ sound paradoxically grew in stature - an approach which they’re now introducing with ‘Rivers In The Light’. The song was written by Robert Robertson and produced by Tide Lines, who are completed by Alasdair Turner (guitar, pipes), Ross Wilson (keyboards) and Fergus Munro (drums).

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