Tin Machine - Tin Machine II

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Tin Machine - Tin Machine II 

Side A
1. Baby Universal
2. One Shot
3. You Belong In Rock N’ Roll
4. If There Is Something
5. Amlapura
6. Betty Wrong
Side B
1. You Can’t Talk
2. Stateside
3. Shopping For Girls
4. A Big Hurt
5. Sorry
6. Goodbye Mr. Ed
7. Hammerhead (instrumental) (hidden track/unlisted)

Originally released by Victory Music in 1991, Tin Machine II is the
second and final studio album by Tin Machine. After this album and the
supporting tour, frontman David Bowie resumed his solo career.

Tin Machine II’s reputation has only increased over the years. Uncut
magazine placed the album on their list of 50 Great Lost Albums, calling
the album “extraordinary”.

As with all Bowie albums, there are plenty of strong tracks here to make
this a must-have. Opening track “Baby Universal” is pure Bowie. He
re-recorded this track in 1996 for his 1997 album Earthling, but the track
was not released on the album. It was eventually released in 2020 on
the Bowie EP Is It Any Wonder?. Both the first and second singles, “You
Belong In Rock ‘n Roll” and “Baby Universal” both charted well, but it
was “One Shot” that became the hit single of the album and peaked at
#3 on the US charts.

The album’s cover (which was censored for its original USA release)
was created by Edward Bell, who had previously worked with Bowie on
creating the artwork for Scary Monsters.

Tin Machine II is available as a limited edition of 5000 individually
numbered copies on crystal clear & turquoise mixed vinyl and includes
an insert.

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