Toxik - Think This

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Toxik - Think This

Finally available again on vinyl: TOXIK's second album and thrash masterpiece "Think This!" It's different and it's strong on its own, and the subject matter present in the lyrics is still relevant today."Think This" us the second TOXIK album, and while there is a stigma about second albums, released 1989, and song writing issues where some bands have coming up with material, TOXIK was the opposite. The band had so many songs to choose from that they actually could have released a double album. There is a notable and pretty well-accepted jump between "World Circus" and "Think This" in terms of musicianship as well. TOXIK added a new singer and second guitarist before recording "Think This" so there's an evolution in the overall sound as well. It's different and it's strong on its own and the subject matter present in the lyrics is still relevant today both subjectively and musically.or to these two albums, with the title "Dis Morta".

Side A
1. Think This
2. Greed
3. Spontaneous
4. There Stood The Fence
5. Black And White
Side B
1. WIr NJn8 / In God
2. Machine Dream
3. Shotgun Logic
4. Time After Time
5. Think That

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