Trash Boat - Don't You Feel Amazing: Limited Gold Inside Clear Vinyl LP


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Trash Boat - Don't You Feel Amazing

Gold Inside Clear Vinyl LP £23.99

Don’t You Feel Amazing?
Silence is Golden
Bad Entertainment
Love Without Needing
He’s So Good
Alpha Omega
Live Like A King, Die Like
An Animal
All I Can Never Be
Synthetic Sympathy
Maladaptive Daydreaming

After a year of silence, UK-based band Trash Boat returned in February with their new single, ‘He’s So Good’, a song about familial ties being destroyed by people not being able to accept LGBTQ members of their family.

The song set the stage for Trash Boat’s new album, ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’, which was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Jason Perry (Molotov, Don Broco, McBusted). The album tackles more serious issues (sexuality, drugs, hate) than their previous two releases and sonically expands from their pop punk roots, bringing in influences that range from metal to hip-hop.

For fans of Don Broco, Boston Manor, Trophy Eyes.

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