Tropical Gothclub - S/T

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Tropical Gothclub - S/T

Dean Fertita has been at the heart of American rock ‘n’ roll for almost two decades, from his role as an invaluable member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Dead Weather, touring keyboardist with The Raconteurs, and backing musician on records by Jack White, Karen O, Iggy Pop, Brendan Benson, The Kills, Beck, and more. While his own music had been the focus in his role as lead singer, guitarist, and founder of The Waxwings and on recordings as Hello=Fire, Fertita began Tropical Gothclub with no clear mission for a solo album under his own name. In early 2020, the TN-based musician put up a small A-frame in his backyard to use as a writing and recording space while stuck at home during the looming pandemic. With rare time on his hands, Fertita set to work recording demos of the many musical ideas he had accumulated over the years, building upon songs and fragments written during different stages of his busy career. Fertita then enlisted his old friend Dave Feeny – a veteran Detroit musician and owner of The Tempermill recording studios in Ferndale, MI – to help develop the recordings even further, pushing the original demos in deliberate new directions to create a showcase for his wide-ranging songcraft and visionary imagination.


1 Needles 3:22
2 Wheels Within Wheels 3:15
3 Captivated 3:18
4 Where There Is Water 3:49
5 Infernal Inside 3:10
6 No Wonder 2:56
7 Death Rattle 3:23
8 Double Blind 3:59
9 Future To Follow 3:41
10 Thunder Towards You 3:18
11 Uniform Looks 3:37

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