Tummyache 07/10/21 @ Establishment, Wakefield


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Event name: Bodys presents: Tummyache + Hailey Beavis
Acts:Tummyache; Hailey Beavis
Location: Establishment, 81-83 Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 1EP. Gig is in the music hall - enter through the main door on Bank Street then turn left.
Promoters: Bodys
Date: 07.10.2021
Doors: 8pm
Age restriction: Over 18s only

8.30pm Hailey Beavis
The tradition of folk and storytelling is evident in Beavis’s stand-out lyrics, which are full of narrative, imagery and description. However, her musical backdrop has been remoulded substantially. Over the years of live performances, experimenting and collaborating with other musicians, Beavis’s songs have evolved into something that is indubitably pop in spirit. Though guitar is still her foundation, her live shows are
punctuated with talking toys, glockenspiels and layers of looped harmonies. She is always looking to marry her many layers of influence. She explains, “I love a sassy hook, I love that I can write about something so heavy and then add a synth part that sounds like cartoon aliens landing on earth”.
An accomplished visual artist as well as musician, it’s safe to say Hailey Beavis is a polymath. Her signature is on everything she puts her hand to. From hand drawn CD sleeves and zines to vivid murals and huge textile collages that she often hangs behind her at gigs. ‘Whatever You Feel I Do Too’ is her debut 2020 EP which you can find here, a worthy introduction to her rich and multi-layered inner life, which will be followed this year with an album.

9.15pm Tummyache
Tummyache is an alternative rock project created by Songwriter/Producer Soren Bryce. The project is named after one of the side effects of severe physical anxiety. Bryce has been creating and releasing music for the past six years Under her own name. Tummyache is manifested from Bryce’s need to explore a new set of emotions she experienced while living in Brooklyn, New York. The debut EP “Humpday,” out November 1 on Poor Man Records, is an honest and aggressive self-dive into a myriad of intra/interpersonal issues; as well as a reflection of the human condition through the lens of absurdism. Songs like “Machine” and “Commonplace” are a cry to understand a life without intrinsic meaning, while “Median” and title track “Humpday” surrender to the existential anxiety in an attempt to be comforted by self-made hope. “In Between” is a bitter-sweet outline of Bryce seeking to simply ‘feel better’.

About the Venue
This show is in the music hall of The Establishment Wakefield on Westgate, turn left when you go through the main door. The Establishment is located close to Wakefield Westgate train station. The gig will finish at 10pm, giving you plenty of time to get the last train.
Establishment disabled access: Entrance/ exit : 1 step - no ramp. Toilets : no disabled toilets, toilets upstairs. Viewing : all one level - seating available. We will make sure everyone can see if view is obstructed.

About Bodys
Bodys is a gig promoter in Wakefield, hosting frequent shows. Follow us on social media @bodyswakefield to see what other shows we are hosting. Our gigs are intentionally set at times that allow you to be in bed early if you fancy, and we always announce set times well in advance.

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