UEHARA HIROMI - Blue Giant - Original Soundtrack (Manga Soundtrack)

Title: VERY LIMITED Japanese Import Double Vinyl LP

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Side A
1. Impressions
2. Omelet rice
3. Day by day
4. Kawakita blues
5. Ambition
6. BLUE GIANT ~Cello & Piano~
7. Motivation
8. In search of...
9. The beginning
10. Monologue
11. Forward
12. Another autumn
Side B
1. Next step
2. Challenge
3. Kick off
4. Samba five
5. N.E.W.
6. Recollection
7. No way out
Side C
1. New day
2. Reunion
3. Count on me
4. Faith
5. Nostalgia
6. What it takes
Side D
1. We will
2. From here
3. First Note
4. Blue Giant

Sound this moment, which will never happen again, with all your might.

Hiromi Uehara composes the soundtrack for the animated film adaptation of the popular jazz manga

LUE GIANT" (original story by Shinichi Ishizuka), a popular jazz manga series that has sold over 9.2 million copies since its serialization began in 2013, has finally been made into a movie.

The music of "BLUE GIANT" was composed by pianist Hiromi Uehara, who has been highly acclaimed for her "manga that you can hear the sound of. The original music (FIRST NOTE, N.E.W., WE WILL) and end-roll music (BLUE GIANT) for the trio "JASS" formed by the main character, Dai Miyamoto, and his friends were also written for this film.

The saxophone player for Dai Miyamoto, who aspires to be the best jazz player in the world, is Tomoaki Baba, who was unanimously selected in an audition of leading players from Japan and abroad. Shunji Tamada, who was a high school classmate of Dai from Sendai, plays drums, and Shun Ishiwaka, who is also a member of millennium parade, joins him at the love call of Hiromi Uehara. And Hiromi Uehara plays the piano for the pianist Yukinori Sawabe, whom Dai meets in Tokyo.

 Top musicians from the classical to jazz worlds, including string members of "Hiromi Uehara the Piano Quintet," also participated in the recording of the film's accompaniment music and band performances.

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