Ultimate Bowie 12/06/20 @ Brudenell Social Club


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JFK aka Live in Leeds presents...
Ultimate Bowie
Friday 12th June 2020
Brudenell Social Club
Age Restriction: 14+ with Adult / 16+ without.

Prepare to be transported across 40 years of Bowie, from Spaceboy to Superstar, by Ed Blaney’s ULTIMATE BOWIE…. Ed not only possesses Bowie’s awe-inspiring vocal prowess but is also the definitive look-alike of Bowie. A performer who easily commands the eyes of the audience every moment he is on stage, Ed blends past and present, showing the many sides of Bowie’s chameleon personality. Precise attention to detail has been taken under Ed’s musical direction of his seven-piece band through to the costumes he wears to recreate Bowie in spectacular style.

Ed Blaney’s “Ultimate Bowie” delivers a stunning two-hour show of Bowie classics. From Space oddity to Lets dance to David’s latest massive hit Blackstar. Blaney recreates Bowie’s Chameleon-like personae with costume changes and amazing vocal likeness…. The pure theatre that is Bowie

ULTIMATE BOWIE are an outfit of talented musicians, some of whom Ed has worked with over the years in previous band line ups, including some very successful tours in the Far East and Europe.
It’s been a long haul in finding the right band members who are not only good musicians but are versatile enough to cover Bowie’s diverse catalogue of music. “This band really cuts it and the icing on the cake is we’re all good mates. Thanks to everyone involved and to all who have helped us get this far!……..Many thanks to an orange-haired leper messiah who played guitar.”……. Ed

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