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Uma - The Moth & the Dove

Uma and Lucy Lu (Nilufer Yanya, Puma Blue,
Matilda Mann) team up once again on the
gorgeously cathartic new single ‘Black Bees’ via
"the collective at the cutting edge of London’s live
music scene" (Dazed), Slow Dance (who
collaborated with the likes of Black Midi,
Jockstrap, ‘s Sorry, Goat Girl, PVA, Squid and
Born in Catalonia to a British mother, trained in
Performance Art, and a Thai father, working in a
hospice in the slums of Bangkok, the
Barcelona-based singer-songwriter’s upbringing of
travel and diversity in encounters has inspired
chords of empathy; the affinity to those around her
bleeds naturally into her music.
Uma has found innovation in various genres and
performers, citing Joni Mitchell, Buika, Ella
Fitzgerald, Nico, Macy Gray, Bebel Gilberto,
Shakira and Florence and the Machine, as well
as initially classically trained in violin from the age
of four years old. “I spent a lot of time studying
classical music. Later on, becoming more exposed
to the likes of pop, I realised how much I enjoyed
the fluidity of genres and sounds.”
She pursued her natural gift with help from a BA in
music, creating with like-minded young talent at
the music residency “Can Obert” in her house in
Spain with Luke Bower (Lucy Lu). Over
twenty-five young artists and musicians, including
Alice Bloomfield, Max Pope, Amy May Ellis and
Nilüfer Yanya collaborated to create over twenty
songs in a week, becoming increasingly
experimental over the numerous years.
She released the debut EP ‘Bel-li’ earlier this
year, a combination of classical arrangements,
Spanish guitar and folk-pop, “all about home and
falling into a great love. Late night bowls of
spaghetti in your belly. Endless summers watching
the sunset from my roof.”

She follows it with upcoming project ‘Moth & The Dove’, a
continuation of her calming sonic presence, with interjections
of bossa nova and more electronic influences in places.
Collaborating with Lucy Lu, who flew to Spain at the beginning
of the pandemic, the duo has been carving cathartic sounds as
a tonic for a hectic year: “the song writing process became a
kind of therapy, a way to approach subjects we couldn’t talk
about. It was only after we’d finished, we realised we’d made
records,” explains Luke.
Previous single ‘Bring Me The Mountain’ was an introduction
into the blend of the two artists’ sounds: “there’s definitely an
exploration of acoustic and electronic sounds,” Uma explains.
Now comes the tranquil cut, ‘Black Bees’.
Another intimate sonic insight into the creative relationship
between the two, Uma describes the track as “a reconciliation
after the battle, ‘Black Bees’ is about learning to love
someone through the darkness and the light.
“We are both stubborn and competitive but the collaborative
space we’ve created together is very freeing and extremely
honest and I think you can hear that in the songs we’ve
written,” she continues. “Uma brings a sense of clarity to the
writing process along with a playfulness,” adds Luke.
Uma continues to establish herself as a unique creator of
timeless folk-pop, perfectly timed to provide solace during a
tumultuous time


The Moth & The Dove
A1- Bring Me the Mountain (Ft.
Lucy Lu)
A2 - Nebula
A3 - Talking Walls
A4 - Black Bees (Ft. Lucy Lu)
A5 - EWSK (live)

B1 - Overture
B2- Mockingbird
B3- Silver Tongue
B4 -Astronaut
B5 -Pride
B6- Standing In The Sun

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