V/A Soul Jazz Records Presents - PUNK 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society

Title: Double Blue Vinyl LP

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PUNK 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society - Get A Job, Get A Car, Get A Bed, Get Drunk!

A1 The Users– Sick Of You 3:24
A2 The Art Attacks– Neutron Bomb 2:57
A3 Johnny Moped– Incendiary Device 2:09
A4 The Jermz– Powercut 1:48
A5 The Mekons– 32 Weeks 1:38
A6 The Rings (2)– I Wanna Be Free 2:49
B1 The Now (4)– Development Corporations 3:09
B2 The Killjoys– Johnny Doesn't Want To Go To Heaven 2:44
B3 Disturbed (3)– I Don't Believe 4:25
B4 Television Personalities– Part Time Punks 2:38
B5 Puncture– Mucky Pup 2:04
B6 The Lines– White Night 3:24
C1 The Scabs (2)– Leave Me Alone 2:47
C2 The Cravats– You're Driving Me 4:51
C3 Swell Maps– Real Shocks 2:16
C4 The Nerves (2)– TV Adverts 2:46
C5 Eric Random– 23 Skidoo 3:17
C6 'O' Level– East Sheen 3:01
D1 Josef K– Radio Drill Time 4:03
D2 The Cigarettes– They're Back Again, Here They Come 3:56
D3 The Shapes (2)– Wot's For Lunch Mum 1:30
D4 The Freeze (2)– For J. P. S. 2:13
D5 Roses Are Red (2)– Can't Understand 3:05
D6 The Prefects– Going Through The Motions 4:56

Collection of punk and D-I-Y rare 45s from the UK, including tracks by The Drive, Scotlands' answer to the New York Dolls, Dansette Damage from Newcastle, Stormtrooper from the Isle of Wight, and many more.

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