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Various Artists 

David Bowie in Jazz
Label: Wagram

CD Album £15.99
Black Vinyl LP £18.99

Including: Keren Ann • The Puppini Sisters • Mike Garson • Bojan Z • Delta Saxophone Quartet Jen Chapen & Rosetta Trio • Caecilie Norby • Franck Wolf •Yelloworld • Eric Le Lann...

Selection of the Tracklisting was made by Jazz Magazine’s journalist Lionel Eskenazi

A1. Laila Biali - Let's Dance
A2. Cæcilie Norby Feat. Leszek Mozdzer - Andy Warhol
A3. Bojan Z - Ashes To Ashes
A4. Miriam Aïda - The Man Who Sold The World
A5. Grazzia Giu - Space Oddity
B1. Cinzia Bavelloni - Lady Stardust
B2. Yelloworld - The Jean Genie
B3. Eric Le Lann Feat. Paul Lay, Sylvain Romano & Donald Kontomanou - Life On Mars
B4. Jen Chapin & Rosetta Trio - Starman
B5. Federica Zammarchi - Lady Grinning Soul

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