Various Artists - Diamond Gods - Interpretations Of Bowie: CD Album

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1 –Iva Davies, Icehouse Loving The Alien 5:35
2 –EN (12) Life On Mars? 3:55
3 –Brix Smith Space Oddity 4:40
4 –Blondie "Heroes" (Live) 6:37
5 –Bellatrix God Knows I'm Good 4:42
6 –Tacye The Man Who Sold The World 4:03
7 –Tim Bowness, Samuel Smiles I Can't Read 4:19
8 –Buster Bloodvessel The Laughing Gnome 4:13
9 –The Aries Parallel Panic In Detroit 4:58
10 –Hazel O'Connor Rock 'N' Roll Suicide 3:02
11 –Dead Eye Dolls Real Cool World 4:43
12 –Nico (3) "Heroes" 6:09
13 –The Nine Loving The Alien 4:02
14 –David Fisher (20) Memory Of A Free Festival

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