Various Artists - Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 20

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Various Artists - Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 20

Rough Trade Shops V/A

2CD Album £10.99
Black Vinyl 2LP £22.99

Rough Trade Shops release their annual look into the new and the hip on their ever popular ‘Counter Culture’ series on 2CD (37 tracks) and 2LP (20 tracks)

Despite 2020 being a pretty grim year for many reasons, there has been some fantastic new music coming out which helps make it all a bit more bearable for us all. (And lots of political music, which is exactly how it should be!) On top of everything we lost Andrew Weatherall who has been a friend and inspiration for us all at Rough Trade since the late 80s - this one is for you.

Artists include Andrew Weatherall, Soccer96, Jane Weaver, Bob Vylan, Jeffrey Lewis, Dry Cleaning and much much more – a first glimpse of the possible stars of the future.

CD Tracklisting:

1 Jeffery Lewis - Keep It Chill
2 Coriky - Clean Kill
3 Bob Vylan - We Live Here
4 The Lounge Society - Generation Game
5 Dog Unit - Lab Coats
6 Disq - Gentle
7 Chubby and the Gang - All Along The Uxbridge Road
8 Kiwi Jr. -Salary Man
9 Bright Eyes - Dance and Sing
10 The GOA Express - Be My friend
11 Viagra Boys - Ain’t Nice
12 Slift - Hyperion
13 Habibi - Angel Eyes
14 Becca Mancari - First Time
15 Dry Cleaning
16 Bananagun - Freak Machine
17 Ribbon Stage - Favourite Girl
18 bdrrmm - A Reason To Celebrate
19 Brent Cobb - The World Is Ending

1 Jane Weaver - Flock
2 Happyness -Title Track
3 Hotel Lux- Tabloid Newspaper
4 Jockstrap - Acid
5 Soccer96 - I Was Gonna Fight Fascism
6 Soft Power - New Beginnings
7 Lightning Orchestra - For Those Who Are Yet To Be Born - (Radio Edit)
8 The Avalanches - Rivers
9 Cuomo & Pink Siifu - Running Red Lights
10 KeiyaAI -! Gits! Weary!
11 Kassa Overall - Show Me A Prison (feat. J Hoard & Angela Davis)
12 Berwyn -Glory
13 Karate Boogaloo - Haunted Boat (Buyer's Remorse)
14 Rudy De Anda - Espume
15 Brijean - Moody
16 Nation of Language -The Wall And I
17 Samia - Big Wheel
18 Andrew Weatherall -Slap & Slide

Vinyl Tracklisting:

A1 Jeffery Lewis - Keep It Chill
A2 Coriky - Clean Kill
A3 Bob Vylan - We Live Here
A4 Dog Unit - Lab Coats
A5 Kiwi Jr. -Salary Man

B1 Viagra Boys - Ain’t Nice
B2 Slift - Hyperion
B3 Habibi - Angel Eyes
B4 Dry Cleaning
B5 bdrmm - A Reason To Celebrate

C1 Jane Weaver - Flock
C2 Hotel Lux- Tabloid Newspaper
C3 Jockstrap - Acid
C4 Soccer96 - I Was Gonna Fight Fascism
C5 The Avalanches - Rivers

D1 KeiyaA -! Gits! Weary!
D2 Berwyn - Glory
D3 Rudy De Anda - Espume
D4 Brijean - Moody
D5 Andrew Weatherall -Slap & Slide

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