Velvet Underground (The) - Andy Warhol's Factory Broadcast: Live Double LP


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Velvet Underground (The) - Andy Warhol's Factory Broadcast
Live Double LP £19.99

A real VU rehearsal for their pending debut record, recorded at Andy Warhol's factory in early 1966, and broadcast live on a local NYC radio station.
An excellent quality recording and a legendary piece of musical history that every fan of the extraordinary VU will want to hear.

Walk Alone
Venus In Furs / Crackin' Up
Rhythm & Blues Instrumental
Run Run Run Intro To Miss Joanie Lee
Day Tripper Intro To Boom Boom Boom Instrumental
Rockabilly Instrumental
Blues Instrumental
There She Goes Again
Green Onion
There She Goes Again
I'll Keep It With Mine
European Son / Suzie Q
Get It On Time
I'll Be Your Mirror

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