Vic Godard - 30 Odd Years

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1-1 Intro With Paul Reekie
1-2 Don't Split It
1-3 Nobody's Scared
1-4 Parallel Lines
1-5 Different Story
1-6 Double Negative
1-7 Vertical Integration
1-8 Empty Shell
1-9 Make Me Sad
1-10 Stop That Girl
1-11 Stamp Of A Vamp
1-12 Hey What's Your Name?
1-13 Crazy Crazy
1-14 Spring Is Grey
1-15 T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
1-16 Stayin' Outta View (Instrumental)
1-17 Ice On A Volcano
1-18 Malicious Love
1-19 Same Mistakes
1-20 Won't Turn Back
1-21 No Love Now
2-1 We'll Keep Our Chains
2-2 Common Thief
2-3 I Wish
2-4 The Writer's Slumped
2-5 Back In A Void Again
2-6 At The Circus
2-7 Americana On Fire
2-8 Ambition
2-9 That Train
2-10 Stool Pigeon
2-11 Why Did You Shoot Me?
2-12 Derail Your Senses
2-13 Not Watching The Devil
2-14 Imbalance
2-15 Blackpool
2-16 The Wedding Song
2-17 Music Of A Werewolf
2-18 Take Over
2-19 Back In The Community
2-20 Best Album
2-21 (Oh Alright) Go On Then
2-22 Johnny Thunders
2-23 Outro With Paul Reekie

This is sale stock. As a result sleeves will have been out in the racks and are all in VG+ to NM condition unless otherwise stated. All vinyl is new and unplayed. 

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