Viola Beach - Viola Beach: Rainbow Picture Disc Vinyl LP

Format: Rainbow Picture Disc

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Viola Beach - Viola Beach

1. Swings And Waterslides
2. Like A Fool
3. Go Outside
4. Cherry Vimto
1. Drunk
2. Really Wanna Call
3. Call You Up
4. Get To Dancing - Live BBC Session
5. Boys That Sing

First time on vinyl, released for the fifth anniversary of the original CD release.

Released on Fuller Bean Records, the label set up by the band and their manager. The vinyl is specially designed with a rainbow coloured picture disc, paying homage to the rainbow umbrellas that the band were once photographed with and became symbolic of them in the wake of their tragic accident in 2016. This poignant vinyl edition release has been welcomed by the families as a fitting celebration of what the bandmates and their manager did best together, make and perform wonderful music."

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