Warning - Strength To Dream: Double Green Vinyl LP


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Warning - Strength To Dream

Double Green Vinyl LP £22.99

Side One:
1. The Return
Side Two:
2. The Face That Never Dies
3. Something Hurts
Side Three:
4. How Can It Happen?
Side Four:
5. The Strength To Dream

Prepared in co-operation with the band, this is part of Svart's definitive editions of Warning on vinyl. 

The band’s 1999 debut full length after two successful demo tapes caused big waves in the then-small underground Doom Metal scene.

A harbinger of things to come further down the road, this album sees the masters of slow contemplation start to craft and hone their unique melancholic style. A pre-
cursor to their masterpiece ;Watching From A Distance, Sputnikmusic.com calls this record is the building blocks of one of the greatest doom metal albums ever.

The Svart vinyl edition includes the original Stephen O’Malley artwork. The Audio is specially mastered for vinyl at Orgone Studios and lathe cutting is done at Timmion Cutting.

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