Who (The) - Live In Amsterdam 1969

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1-1 Heaven And Hell
1-2 I Can't Explain
1-3 Fortune Teller
1-4 Tattoo
1-5 Young Man Blues
1-6 Substitute
1-7 Happy Jack
1-8 I'm A Boy
1-9 Overture
1-10 It's A Boy
1-11 1921
1-12 Amazing Journey
1-13 Sparks
1-14 Eyesight To The Blind
1-15 Christmas
2-1 The Acid Queen
2-2 Pinball Wizard
2-3 Do You Think It's Alright?
2-4 Fiddle About
2-5 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
2-6 There's A Doctor
2-7 Go To The Mirror
2-8 Smash The Mirror
2-9 Miracle Cure
2-10 Sally Simpson
2-11 I'm Free
2-12 Tommy's Holiday Camp
2-13 We're Not Gonna Take It
2-14 Summertime Blues
2-15 Shakin' All Over
2-16 My Generation

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