Wonder Woman 1984 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Hans Zimmer: Swirled Colour Triple Vinyl LP


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Wonder Woman 1984 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Hans Zimmer

Swirled Colour Triple Vinyl LP £63.99

1. Themyscira
2. Games
3. 1984
4. Black Gold
5. Wish We Had More Time
6. The Stone
7. Cheetah
8. Fireworks
9. Anything You Want
10. Open Road
11. Without Armor
12. The White House
13. Already Gone
14. Radio Waves
15. Lord of Desire
16. The Beauty In What Is
17. Truth
18. Lost and Found (Bonus Track)

Mondo, in conjunction with WaterTower Music, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Hans Zimmer’s incredible score to WONDER WOMAN 1984. 

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