Wonder Years (The) ‎– Suburbia I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing

Format: Transparent Blue Vinyl LP

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1. "Came Out Swinging" 4:04
2. "Woke Up Older" 3:33
3. "Local Man Ruins Everything" 2:49
4. "Suburbia" 0:51
5. "My Life as a Pigeon" 3:06
6. "Summers in PA" 3:17
7. "I Won't Say the Lord's Prayer" 3:06
8. "Coffee Eyes" 3:39
9. "I've Given You All" 1:40
10. "Don't Let Me Cave In" 3:23
11. "You Made Me Want to Be a Saint" 1:31
12. "Hoodie Weather" 4:01
13. "And Now I'm Nothing" 5:00

 Originally released in 2011, ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing’, the sophomore full length from Philadelphia pop punk legends The Wonder Years, is considered one of the best pop punk albums of all time. After years of being out of print, this breakthrough album by The Wonder Years is finally available again on vinyl.

 If ‘The Upsides’ was the exciting debut promising greatness to come, ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing’ was the supernova that catapulted the band into a world that didn’t know what hit them.

 Inspired by an Allen Ginsberg poem, and containing as much allegory as personal introspective observations, ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing’ cemented The Wonder Years as the thinking person’s pop punk and a genre all their own

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