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Format: Indies White / Black Vortex Vinyl + Single

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Expected Release Date 13th September 2024
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Album + 7” Track Listing:

Side A:1.Suffer Eternally/2.Sacrifice/3.Starfall/4.The Mirror/5.Shatter The Mountain
Side B:1.Holy Malice (Annabel)/2.Inseparable/3.Gaia/4.Moonfall/5.Miracle

7” Black Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A:Burn (Cure cover)
Side B: The Chauffer (Duran Duran Cover)


Spectres have been stirring in the shadows for years now. Dark eyes watching from pallid faces. Siren songs calling to
lost souls. In the blackest corners of the UK underground, a name whispered relentlessly amongst the faithful, first with
curiosity, then soul-shuddering awe: Zetra.
Zetra is also the title of their striking debut LP. Ten tracks whose indefinable blend of shimmering shoegaze and pulsating
goth-metal work deep beneath the skin, it is a masterclass in intimate dark romanticism and sweeping elemental beauty. It
could be seen as a reaction to the geography of a strange new world, but also to the jagged topography of the human
psyche itself. Is it a manifesto? A roadmap? A riddle waiting to be solved? Profound pleasure lies in peeling back its many
Travelling alone, armed only with synths, guitar and drum-machine to compose, The Wanderers’ music could sound
skeletal. Instead its early metallic bones have been fleshed-out with the electronic new-wave of Gary Numan and Pet
Shop Boys and dreamy, droning guitars that hark to heroes like Slowdive and Sonic Youth as well as dark
contemporaries Deafheaven and Alcest. As harsh as the truths with which they deal may be, these songs deliver
beguiling brilliance.
Acolytes to spread the word of Zetra aren’t hard to find. British ‘contemporaries’ like Burner and Wallowing, Celestial
Sanctuary and Employed To Serve have been dementedly singing their praises as far back as they can remember.
Tours with the heavyweight likes of Creeper and Godflesh, VV and SKYND have taken their once-subterranean sounds
into the spotlight. Unto Others’ Gabriel Franco (‘Moonfall’), Svalbard’s Serena Cherry (‘Starfall’) and Sólveig
Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir from Iceland’s Kælan Mikla (‘Shatter The Mountain’) even crop up amongst these
recordings, dissolving into the cult of Zetra themselves. But none are as important as the legions of fans Zetra are yet to
reach with a dark gospel still unpicking all manner of psychological knots and existential truths.


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