Zombi - Liquid Crystal

Format: Sky Blue Vinyl EP

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Pittsburg pair ZOMBI return with their new EP, ‘Liquid Crystal’! A five-track EP, ‘Liquid Crystal’ sees Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra continue to explore the very melodic sensibilities, synthscapes, and driving rhythmic section that propelled the band’s critically-acclaimed debut full-length.

“Black Forest” finds the band leaning on heavy grooves alongside soaring leads. A pulsating dark-neon instrumental, it combines needling synth arpeggios with live drums and proggy guitar riffage. Meanwhile, opening trzack “Mangler” oozes with ominous synths as crescendos build and build. Don’t miss out on one of the year’s most compelling companion pieces to the band’s already stellar full length!


1. Turning Points
2. Mangler
3. Chant
4. Black Forest
5. Liquid Crystal

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