Record Store Day 2020 – SEPTEMBER Drop (Saturday 26th September).

Record Store Day rules are the same every year; you cannot pre-order or reserve stock and all sales are over the counter only. On the day we can’t take phone orders. All stock is sold on a first come first served basis and customers cannot buy more than one copy of any individual Record Store Day release. There are no strict restrictions on the numbers of different items that can be purchased.

Due to everything going on, how customers queue and join the queue on the day has changed slightly from normal so check here for the latest info (you may need to book an appointment etc) Latest info



Please see our current lists below of the titles we are expecting to receive (this includes some last minute additions and some that were on the USA/European lists but not the UK list that we have been able to source).

We will add full price lists and tick sheets in the coming days.

(Please note this list is for the SEPTEMBER Drop only – closer to the time we will release lists for the October drop ) – many titles have moved dates and/or been withdrawn from RSD and released separately, so if you can’t find the title you are looking for feel free to call or email the shop for more info or check the full RSD list online  )

Click the blue links below to download/view

Crash Records Record Store Day 2020 SEPTEMBER Drop Excel

Crash Records Record Store Day 2020 SEPTEMBER Drop PDF

Crash Records – Record Store Day 2020 September Drop Tick Sheet Word

Crash Records – Record Store Day 2020 September Drop Tick Sheet PDF


We look forward to seeing some of you on the day. Lots of stock has been ordered so hopefully most people will be able to get the releases they want.

In a change to previous years if there is any stock left over these will be made available to purchase online on our website later the same day (Saturday 26th September 6pm).

We have listed all the titles that may become available online, you can also see below some of the titles we have left from the AUG drop.

Click this link to see everything we have available from AUGUST PLUS whats due in for SEPTEMBER in alphabetical order.