Record Store Day Black Friday to take place 29th November.

Record Store Day Black Friday returns this year with a list of limited edition records available in independent record shops all across the UK. We will of course be taking part on Friday 29th November and will open from 8am.

Since 2010, organisers of April’s world famous celebrations of independent record shops, Record Store Day, have worked to shift the culture of Black Friday. Moving away from the mass-produced, low as you can go event, Record Store Day Black Friday instead concentrates on offering music fans a selection of exclusive and special releases that highlight how great shopping in record shops can be.

Artists such as Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Alice Cooper, Lewis Capaldi and U2 are celebrating this year’s Black Friday event with limited edition runs of one-off pressings that are only available from independent record shops on 29th November.

As with Record Store Day, these releases are sold over the counter only. No pre-orders, no reserves and no online or phone orders. It’s strictly first come first served.

We will have a full list of releases and prices available soon. Please check back with us later.