Record Store Day – Thanks for the support.

We would like to thank everyone who called in to see us for the first of this year’s Record Store Day drops.

This event would normally take place on one big day in April, but Covid-19 put paid to that and it was decided by the event organisers to spread the releases across three separate dates in August, September and October.

The first of these dates was on Saturday and had to be organised to ensure it was as safe as possible for both staff and customers. We are happy to say that it went as perfectly as we could have hoped for and this is down to everyone following the guidelines that were set out in relation to social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

The other slight change this time was that online sales could start at 6pm on the same day instead of one week later. This also proved to be a great success and we would like to thank everyone who ordered stock on our website.

We are currently working around the clock to ensure all online orders are dispatched as quickly as possible. Completed emails will be sent out when orders are on their way.

As with previous years we are trying to find extra copies of some of the best sellers and if we do manage to get any additional stock it will go up on our website and be sold on a first come first served basis. The best way to get immediate information of extra titles going online is to follow us on Twitter.

We will shortly be announcing our plans for the second Record Store Day drop on Saturday 26th September when more limited editions will be released.