Record Store Day update. ‘Drop Dates’ and release lists are now available to view.

As announced earlier this year, Record Store Day as it has come to be known will not be celebrated in 2020. Instead there are three RSD ‘Drop Dates’ in which you can get hold of the limited editions and special releases from local record shops:  29th August, 26th September and 24th October (all Saturdays). We are of course one of the shops that is participating in these events and will be stocking the majority of titles on the release lists.

At the moment we do not know exactly how we are going to stage these three events. However, we do know that the rules will be the same as on a normal Record Store Day; there are no pre-orders allowed and stock cannot be reserved. There will still be an element of first come first served, even if  social distancing measures are still in place. Unlike previous years though, the releses will be made available online much sooner. On each of the above dates we will be allowed to sell online from 6pm.

Please follow this link for the full release lists for each of the RSD ‘Drop Dates’.

We will update everyone on here and our social media platforms  as soon as we have formulated a plan for the three RSD drop dates. At this stage we do not have any indication of how much stock we will get for each of the releases and we do not have price lists, so we are unable to answer any questions related to specific releases.

As always though, we will try and get as much stock as we can of the releases on these lists. It might not be Record Store Day as we know it, but there are some great titles across those 3 dates in August, September and October.