YUNGBLUD album launch shows at The Wardrobe. Please read if you have placed an order with us.

We are currently in the process of sorting out all the orders we received for the 2 album launch events we are putting on at The Wardrobe in Leeds.

If you have placed an order with us and have received an “order processed” email with the Crash Records logo on top and the price you paid in the wording then your order has gone through OK. There is no need to contact the shop by phone or email. All that does is slow the process down at this end.

Some customers have contacted us because they chose the collect at Crash option and wanted their order sending out. If this is something you need to do just reply to the email you have received asking to be invoiced for postage and we will do the rest.

If you are unsure of the door times for the performance you are attending just go back to the original listing on the website.

We will update everyone with more information as soon as we can.