New Crash Records Website

Welcome to Crash Records new website!

While the independent record store industry is facing even more challenging times due to the extra pressures of social distancing measures, it made sense to focus on making our website even better for our loyal customers to be able to continue to support us.

We hope the new website brings many improvements to make your music browsing experience better than ever before. In particular, you should find the new site much better to browse on your mobile.

We'll continue to work on the site bringing even more improvements in the coming months.

Existing Customers - access your existing account

We've migrated all our existing customers past orders across to the new website, so you won't lose anything! The only thing we haven't copied across is your password, for security reasons.

To access your past orders you'll need to follow these steps to re-register on our new site:

  1. Visit the account registration page
  2. Enter the same e-mail address you used on our old website to re-register on the new site
  3. You'll be sent an email with the subject "Crash Records customer account activation". Click "Activate your account" to access your old account.

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us at